Stock Prices

ABBEYBDS [BLS]  0%   ₦1.05          ABCTRANS  8.57%   ₦0.32          ACADEMY  0%   ₦0.31          ACCESS  2.4%   ₦8.55          AFRINSURE  0%   ₦0.2          AFRIPRUD  4.17%   ₦6.25          AFROMEDIA  0%   ₦0.2          AIICO  0%   ₦0.95          AIRTELAFRI  1.9%   ₦535          ALEX [BLS]  0%   ₦8.1          ARBICO [BLS]  0%   ₦1.03          ARDOVA  1.85%   ₦13.75          ASOSAVINGS [MRS]  0%   ₦0.5          AUSTINLAZ [BLS]  0%   ₦2.03          BERGER  0%   ₦7.35          BETAGLAS  0%   ₦55.4          BOCGAS  0%   ₦6.77          BUACEMENT  0%   ₦56          CADBURY  0%   ₦8.8          CAP  2.93%   ₦21.5          CAPHOTEL [BLS]  0%   ₦2.42          CAPOIL [MRF]  0%   ₦0.2          CAVERTON [BLS]  0%   ₦1.9          CHAMPION [BLS]  0%   ₦0.96          CHAMS  0%   ₦0.22          CHELLARAM  0%   ₦2.51          CHIPLC  0%   ₦0.29          CILEASING  0%   ₦4.95          CONOIL  0%   ₦20.85          CORNERST  7.94%   ₦0.58          COURTVILLE  0%   ₦0.21          CUSTODIAN  0%   ₦5.85          CUTIX  0.59%   ₦1.7          CWG [BLS]  0%   ₦2.54          DAARCOMM  0%   ₦0.3          DANGCEM  2.6%   ₦205          DANGSUGAR  5.9%   ₦20.65          DEAPCAP [DWL]  0%   ₦0.27          DUNLOP [MRS]  0%   ₦0.2          EKOCORP [BLS]  0%   ₦6          ELLAHLAKES [BLS]  0%   ₦4.25          ENAMELWA  0%   ₦22.1          ETERNA  9.88%   ₦4.56          ETI  1.54%   ₦6.6          ETRANZACT [BLS]  0%   ₦2.35          EVANSMED [DIP]  0%   ₦0.5          FBNH  4.2%   ₦7.45          FCMB  9.63%   ₦3.3          FIDELITYBK  3.01%   ₦2.74          FIDSON  0%   ₦4.87          FLOURMILL  9.84%   ₦27.9          FTNCOCOA [MRS]  0%   ₦0.26          GLAXOSMITH  2.22%   ₦6.9          GOLDBREW [BRS]  0%   ₦0.81          GOLDINSURE [MRS]  0%   ₦0.2          GSPECPLC  0%   ₦4.19          GUARANTY  1.17%   ₦34.5          GUINEAINS  0%   ₦0.2          GUINNESS  2.86%   ₦18          HONYFLOUR  3.51%   ₦1.18          IKEJAHOTEL  0%   ₦1.1          INFINITY [BLS]  0%   ₦1.36          INITSPLC  0%   ₦0.57          INTBREW [BLS]  5.76%   ₦6.55          INTENEGINS [MRS]  0%   ₦0.38          INTERLINK  0%   ₦2.91          JAIZBANK  7.58%   ₦0.71          JAPAULOIL  4.17%   ₦0.25          JBERGER  6.94%   ₦18.5          JOHNHOLT  0%   ₦0.56          JULI [MRF]  0%   ₦1.51          LASACO  6.67%   ₦0.32          LEARNAFRCA  0%   ₦1.15          LINKASSURE  0%   ₦0.5          LIVESTOCK  9.24%   ₦1.3          LIVINGTRUST  0%   ₦0.6          MANSARD  9.83%   ₦2.57          MAYBAKER  10%   ₦3.52          MBENEFIT  4%   ₦0.24          MCNICHOLS  0%   ₦0.47          MEDVIEWAIR [BMF]  0%   ₦1.62          MEYER  0%   ₦0.5          MOBIL  0%   ₦190          MORISON  0%   ₦0.49          MRS  0%   ₦13.75          MTNN  0%   ₦153          MULTITREX [BMR]  0%   ₦0.36          MULTIVERSE  0%   ₦0.2          NAHCO  0%   ₦2.16          NASCON  0%   ₦16          NB  0%   ₦60.25          NCR  0%   ₦1.8          NEIMETH  9.3%   ₦2.35          NEM  1.92%   ₦2.55          NESF  0%   ₦552.2          NESTLE  0%   ₦1400          NIG-GERMAN [DIP]  0%   ₦3.62          NIGERINS [MRF]  0%   ₦0.2          NNFM  0%   ₦7.7          NOTORE [BLS]  0%   ₦62.5          NPFMCRFBK  0%   ₦1.55          NSLTECH  0%   ₦0.2          OANDO [MRF]  6.55%   ₦2.71          OKOMUOIL  0%   ₦80          OMATEK [DWL]  0%   ₦0.24          PHARMDEKO  0%   ₦1.5          PORTPAINT [BLS]  0%   ₦2.85          PREMPAINTS  0%   ₦9.4          PRESCO  0%   ₦71.8          PRESTIGE [BLS]  0%   ₦0.55          PZ  7.29%   ₦5.15          RAKUNITY  0%   ₦0.3          REDSTAREX  0.94%   ₦3.23          REGALINS  4.35%   ₦0.24          RESORTSAL [MRF]  0%   ₦0.2          ROADS [DIP]  0%   ₦6.6          ROYALEX  0%   ₦0.26          RTBRISCOE  0%   ₦0.2          SCOA  0%   ₦2.93          SEPLAT  0%   ₦400.7          SFSREIT  0%   ₦69.3          SKYAVN [BLS]  0%   ₦2.93          SMURFIT [MRF]  0%   ₦0.2          SOVRENINS  0%   ₦0.2          STACO [MRF]  0%   ₦0.48          STANBIC  0%   ₦42.35          STDINSURE [MRF]  0%   ₦0.2          STERLNBANK  1.52%   ₦1.95          STUDPRESS  0%   ₦1.79          SUNUASSUR  0%   ₦1          TANTALIZER  0%   ₦0.2          THOMASWY [MRS]  0%   ₦0.35          TOTAL  0.08%   ₦130          TOURIST [DIP]  0%   ₦3.15          TRANSCOHOT [BLS]  0%   ₦4          TRANSCORP  9.78%   ₦1.01          TRANSEXPR  9.38%   ₦0.87          TRIPPLEG  0%   ₦0.55          UAC-PROP [BLS]  6.82%   ₦0.82          UACN  0%   ₦7.65          UBA  3.66%   ₦8.5          UBN [BLS]  1.69%   ₦5.8          UCAP  2.17%   ₦4.7          UHOMREIT  0%   ₦40.65          UNHOMES [MRS]  0%   ₦3.02          UNIC [DIP]  0%   ₦0.2          UNILEVER  0%   ₦13          UNIONDAC  0%   ₦0.27          UNIONDICON [BRS]  0%   ₦10.95          UNITYBNK  5.33%   ₦0.79          UNIVINSURE  0%   ₦0.2          UPDCREIT  9.89%   ₦5          UPL  0%   ₦1.26          VALUEFUND  0%   ₦115.05          VANLEER  0%   ₦9.1          VERITASKAP  0%   ₦0.21          VITAFOAM  0%   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Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors is made up of people who have distinguished themselves in various professions and fields. They include:

Ibironke Mojisola Osiyemi was born on 9th March 1943 in Ogun State. She hails from Ago Iwoye, Ogun State.

She had her early education at Imososi Wesley School, Ago Iwoye, Ogun State and proceeded to Methodist Modern School, Ago Iwoye and Mayflower Secondary School, Ikenne, Ogun State for her Modern II and WASC, in 1958 and 1963 respectively. She further proceeded abroad for professional courses in Accounting - ACCA sections I - IV; Fulks Lynch Tuition School and College of Commerce, Woodgreen, Birmingham, England between 1965 - 1969 respectively.

She has over 40 years of varied experience in the accountancy profession, the auditing sector, business and financial advisory services, covering the manufacturing, trading, financial services, insurance, banking, construction and regulatory sectors of the Nigerian economy.

Ibironke, a highly social woman of elegance is the founding member, chairperson and Grand patron of Society of Women Accountant of Nigeria (SWAN), President, Iganmu Lioness club for 2 years, President, Iwoye Elegant Sisters for 5 years, Patron, Yaba College of Technology Accountancy Students' Association.

She is also a devoted Christian, having served Methodist Church of Nigeria in various capabilities as Choir Matron, Rising Stars' Matron, Matron, Christian Ladies Friendly Society, Matron, Gospel Sowers Society, Vice President of Unity Sisters and Auditor of City Mission Methodist Church, Surulere , for over 10 years.

She was involved in the training on the job of countless young Nigerians as Chartered Accountants. She also lectured at the training school on auditing and financial management at KPMG, Nigeria. She was the International Liaison Partner for Insurance, Banking & Finance for over 10 years at KPMG. She attended several overseas training courses in England, Switzerland, South Africa and Canada. She participated in several workshops and conferences in UK, South Africa, USA, Hong Kong, Singapore, France, Ghana, Togo, Niger Republic, Sierra Leone, Gambia and locally in Nigeria.

She has also served ICAN in various capacities in ascending order as ICAN Council Member, various committee members, 1st Deputy Vice President, Vice President, President & Chairman of Council, ICAN.

Mr. Chidi Onyeukwu Ajaegbu, FCS, MBF, Dip. in Polygraph (USA), FCA, the Golden Jubilee President of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria, was born coincidentally at about the time the Act that established the Institute was enacted in September 1965 in Kano.

He attended Government College, Lagos (1977 - 1982) where he obtained his WASC in 1982; and subsequently sat and passed his GCE A' Levels in 1984. He trained and qualified as a Chartered Accountant in Binder Balogun & Co. (BDO) 1984 - 1988. He holds a Masters degree in Banking and Finance from University of Lagos and a Diploma in Psycho Physiological Detection of Deception from the American International Institute of Polygraph (Stockbridge, Atlanta Georgia, USA).

He is a Fellow of both the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN) and the Chartered Institute of Stockbrokers (CIS).

He is the Founder/Pioneer Chief Executive Officer of Mutual Alliance (member of the Nigerian Stock Exchange), and he is currently the CEO of Heritage Capital Markets Ltd. (another dealing member firm of the Nigerian Stock Exchange).

He has served the Institute in various capacities as Chairman, Deputy Chairman and member of various committees. He has been a member of ICAN Governing Council since 2001. He chaired the Ebute Metta Building Fund Raising Committee that raised funds for the construction of the Secretariat Annex edifice.

As the Honorary Treasurer of the Institute in 2010, he conceptualised and drove the Institute's Members' Group Life Insurance Policy; the E-settlement process and developed strategic initiatives with various external partners. And it is on record that during his tenure as the Honourary Treasurer, the Institute's cash reserve grew by 300%. This singularly, earned him a letter of commendation from the Body of Past Presidents of the Institute. He was Vice President (2013/2014), 1st Deputy Vice President (2012/2013) and 2nd Deputy Vice President (2011/2012).

He has also served the accounting profession and the public in numerous capacities, as Council member, Association of Accountancy Bodies in West Africa (ABWA) 2013; Treasurer, Association of Accountancy Bodies in West Africa (ABWA), Member of the Board of Pan African Federation of Accountants (PAFA) and Council of International Federation of Accountants (IFAC), New York, USA.

He is currently a council member of the Chartered Institute of Stockbrokers CIS. An international speaker, he has facilitated papers at CIPFA (London) conference, Afro- American Investment conference organised by Yale Business school in New Haven Connecticut USA, United Nation ISAR workshops in Geneva amongst others.

Mr. Chidi O. Ajaegbu was a Council member of the National Governing Council of the Nigerian Stock Exchange from 2005 to 2008 and served in the F & GPC, Quotations Committees, among other Committees of the Nigerian Stock Exchange.

He is an Audit Committee member of Guinness Plc. and has served on the board of a number of quoted companies.

He is also a Diocesan Board Adviser to Aba North Dioceses of the Anglican Communion.

Mr. Ajaegbu is a philanthropist of repute who currently runs the Chidi Ajaegbu Educational Foundation which awards scholarship every year to over 100 students of tertiary institutions in Abia and Lagos States respectively.

He has received numerous awards which include: Unilag Outstanding Alumni Achievers Award, "Enyi Abia" from the Executive Governor of Abia State, Rotary Club Paul Harris Fellow Award, amongst others.

He is an active sportsman and a football enthusiast. He is a strong fan of the popular Arsenal Football Club.

He is happily married with children.

Dr Elijah Oguobi Ogbuokiri born over 58 years ago in Amapu Ntigha , Isiala Ngwa LGA of Abia State is a seasoned Chartered Accountant in practice, a Professional Manager, Entrepreneur and Pastor by calling of the Lord Jesus Christ. He is the MD/ CEO of Ebbinos Consulting Limited, a Financial Advisory and Management Consultancy firm, and the Principal Partner of Oguobi Ogbuokiri & Co. (Chartered Accountants).

He obtained General Certificate of Education GCE O/L & Advanced Level both in 1979 and 1981 respectively. He gained Diploma in Accounting and Finance from The School of Accountancy and Buisness Studies Lagos in 1983. In 1998, he obtained PGD in Finance and Banking from Delta State University Abraka and then proceeded for his Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from the same University in 2000.

In 2013, he was awarded Doctor of Philosophy in Development Management Studies (PhD) from American European University, Dominican after 3 years of rigorous academic exercise.

He trained and qualified as Chartered Accountant in 1988 and was awarded fellowship of ICAN in 1997. He is a Certified Forensic Accountant , Fellow of Public Administration and Management Development Institute (PAMDI) and a Chartered Tax Practitioner.

He had his Professional Accounting Training with Chukuwma Offor & Co. (Chartered Accountants) Lagos where he completed his mandatory training and obtained his license to practice as a Chartered Accountant.

Prior to forming Ebbinos Consult and the Accounting firm in 1994, he worked for over 15 years in some organizations including Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) where he spent over 12 years in the Finance and Accounts Division. He worked in various Division of the Corporation and left as Head of Capital Budget in 1991. After leaving NNPC, he went to the Financial Services Industry and worked with two Mortgages Banks (Morgan Savings and Loan and Trendex Savings and Loan) as Financial Controller and Assistant General Manager (Operations) respectively.

Dr Elijah in his capacity as a Management Consultant and Chartered Accountant has consulted on many projects and programmes, his auditing and investigation experiences span through many areas and organizations both in the Private and Public sectors.

He has also contributed to the growth and development of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria having served the Institute in various capacities including serving in some committees of the Institute as well as serving at the District level. He served in the Executive Committee of Lagos Mainland District Society for over 12 years and become the District Chairman in 2012.

In 2009, he envisioned and established with the help of other stakeholders The Public Administration and Management Development Institute (PAMDI) and became the first Director General. A position he holds till date. The Institute has branches across the six geopolitical zones of the country and members increasing in hundreds within the public and private sectors.

He attended several courses, workshop and seminars both locally and internationally. He presents papers in seminars and workshop on professional and management issues.

Dr Elijah Ogbuokir is Pastor in Bride Of Christ Exhortation Assembly, Lagos where he enjoys preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ without charge and working as the Church Administrator

Emmanuel Emenyonu is a Professor of Accounting and the immediate past Chairperson of the Department of Accounting, Southern Connecticut State University, USA. He has extensive teaching experience in the fields of Finance, Financial Accounting, Taxation, Accounting Theory, Accounting Information Systems, Fraud and Forensic Accounting and International Accounting with leading universities such as Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut, Howard University, Washington, DC, Sacred Heart University, Fairfield, Connecticut and Quinnipiac, Hamden University in the USA; University of Nigeria Enugu Campus and Covenant University, Ota in Nigeria.

He has B.Sc. Accounting and MBA in Finance from University of Nigeria; M.ACC. Accounting and Ph.D, in International Accounting from the University of Glasgow, Scotland and Bachelor of Laws, LLB from the University of London, England. Professor Emmanuel Emenyonu is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria and at some point has been professionally affiliated with numerous organizations such as American Accounting Association, International Association for Accounting Education and Research, Academy of Economics and Finance, Financial Executives International, Association of Certified Fraud Examiners.

He has published numerous articles in peer reviewed and practitioner journals such as the Financial Times of London (UK), Accounting and Business Research (UK), Australian Accounting Review (Australia), International Journal of Accounting (USA), Journal of African Business (USA), Nigerian Accountant (Nigeria), Journal of Accounting and Finance Research (USA). International Journal of Accounting, Auditing and Performance Evaluation, First Bank Quarterly Review (Nigeria), Advances in International Accounting (USA).

Professor Emenyonu is a winner of numerous academic honors and awards such as: British Government Foreign and Commonwealth Office Postgraduate Fellowship; David G. Lindsay Prize in Accountancy (Best graduating Master of Accountancy Student, Glasgow University); Glasgow University Postgraduate Scholarship; Howard University Summer Research Grant; Outstanding Paper Award, Academy of Economics and Finance, Savannah, Georgia; Winner, School of Business Faculty Research Award, Southern Connecticut State University, USA; among others.

He has spoken and presented papers at different national and international conferences including: European Accounting Association, Madrid Spain; Academy of International Business, Boston, USA; World Congress of the International Association for Accounting Education and Research, Paris, France; among others.

He is a book reviewer for major global publishers such as : John Wiley and Sons and McGraw Hill Publishers. He is currently the International Editor, Journal of Industrial, Business & Economic Research (JIBER). He is also the President of United States And Africa Development Organization (USAADO), a Connecticut, Unites States tax exempt organization established to further the goals of Connecticut Senate Bill 880/SA 09-14, namely, the promotion of productive business exchanges between Connecticut and United States businesses with businesses in Sub-Saharan African countries. He also serves on the governing and advisory boards of a number of organizations both within and outside Nigeria, for example Felix Ohiwerei Foundation and GO International.

Seyi is an accounting graduate from Yaba College of Technology and Oxford Brookes University UK, where he received HND - Accountancy and Finance and BSc - Applied Accounting respectively with flying colours. He is also an Alumni of Lagos State University, Ojo, Lagos, Nigeria, where he bagged Masters in Business Administration (MBA) specializing in Financial Management and University of Leicester, UK, where he bagged MSc in Finance.

He is an Associate/Fellow member of the Institute of Chartered Accountant of Nigeria (ICAN), Chartered Institute of Taxation of Nigeria (CITN), Nigerian Institute of Management (Chartered) (NIM), Institute of Certified Cost Management of Nigeria (ICCMN), Institute of Directors, Nigeria (IOD), The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), UK.

Seyi is a seasoned IFRS/IPSAS expert and respected analyst on Corporate Governance and Financial Reporting matters, with over fifteen (15) years practical training experience spanning virtually across every section of business endeavour and the academics. He has attended several trainings on Auditing, Leadership, Corporate Governance, Marketing, Financial Accounting & Reporting, IFRS, IPSAS and Management in Nigeria (including Lagos Business School - LBS) and abroad. He has been privileged to train and work in such places as Segun Adelanwa & Co (Chartered Accountants), ExxonMobil Nigeria Unlimited, PricewaterhouseCoopers (Chartered Accountants), Zenith Bank Plc and MTN Nigeria Communications Limited, where he was the pioneer head Treasury Operations, the pioneer Technical Accounting Manager (IFRS/IPSAS Specialist) and the Assistant Treasurer, MTN Nigeria Multipurpose Cooperative Society. He was the Senior Financial Operations Manager/Leader, General Electric Company (GE), USA.

He was the team lead of IFRS conversion (implementation) committee in MTN Nigeria, GE Nigeria and IS Internet Solutions and also, has been involved in IFRS conversion assignments for major companies in Nigeria. He was the President of Mustard Seed Investment Club (MUSIC) and President of Professional Accountancy Students' Society, Yaba College of Technology (PASS), the current General Secretary, Association of Accountancy Tuition Centers of Nigeria (AATC) and the current Auditor of Magodo Phase1 Gateway Zone CDA. He was the Director of Finance (Board Member)/Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of IS InternetSolutions Limited - Nigeria, a subsidiary of Dimension Data (Pty), South Africa (member of NTT Group Japan). Now the Vice President, Finance and Administration, KONGA Online Shopping Limited - The largest online shopping mall in Africa.

Seyi has tremendous passion for imparting knowledge to the would-be accounting (students) and finance professionals preparing for ICAN, ACCA, CIS and CFA examinations and existing professionals. He has been lecturing for the above Institutes' examinations on continuous basis for over fifteen (15) years i.e 30 diets and has lectured in virtually all training centers in Lagos-Nigeria, namely: Students' PYE Nigeria Limited, Mayo Associates, Royal Tutors, WYSE Associates, Safe Associates, Synergy Professionals, SPEECS Tutors, Custom Street Associates (CSA), CBA Academy, ABS Tutors, PASS Center, Executive Business School (EBS), Yaba College of Technology, Risk Free Standard Associates Limited, Leverage Associates Limited and Babcock University, Nigeria.

He is also a major resource person to ICAN, ACCA and CIS examination revision programmes and at KANO/CALABAR special ICAN centres. His specialty is in Auditing, Financial Accounting, Reporting and Analysis. He is popularly referred to by his students as "MASSATTACK". He is a regular guest speaker at the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN) Mandatory Continuous Professional Education (MCPE) and the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants' (ACCA) Continuing Professional Developments (CPD), Seminars, Workshops and a faculty to major training outfits in Nigeria. He is also a member ICAN Annual Accountants Conference Transition Committee, member ICAN Annual Accountants Conference Committee, Member of ICAN Mutual Cooperation Agreement with Tertiary Institutions Implementation and Monitoring (MCATII&MC), Member - ICAN Strategy, Advocacy and Performance Tracking Committee, member of the ICAN Members' Education and Training Committee and an external monitor on IFRS Trainings for the Institute - ICAN. Member - ICAN Students Affairs Committee.

He is the author and co-author of IFRS Pal - Handy Approach (the first indigenous text book on IFRS) and Executorship, Trusts, Law and Accounts (ETLA) respectively. Seyi was awarded for his outstanding contributions over the years to accountancy development in Nigeria by ACCA, outstanding contribution to the 44th Annual Accountants Conference and as the most outstanding PASS Ambassador by the Professional Accountancy Students' Society (PASS), Yaba College of Technology.

Seyi enjoy meeting people, dancing, reading and teaching. He is happily married to Kofoworade Olanrewaju and blessed with wonderful children.

He is a co-founder and Executive Chairman of Risk Free Standard Associates Limited and Leverage Associates Limited, foremost accredited ICAN & ACCA tuition providers and Dimkem Consulting Limited. He also sits on the board on many companies as a Non-Executive Director.

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