Stock Prices

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Investment Advisory

Customized Stock Recommedations

We render customized stock recommendations to our clients with the aim of achieving superior returns. The investment objectives, risk profile and portfolio composition/asset allocation mix are embedded in our recommendations.

Portfolio Reconstruction

Portfolio reconstruction refers to the process of turning around a portfolio that is in a delinquent state. We develop portfolio reconstruction and performance enhancing strategies of our clientele to assist them discover and recover bad investment in their portfolio.

The opportunity cost of holding on to non-performing and bad investments is considered. Portfolio reconstruction involves selling down on the stocks in bad state in terms of returns and value maintenance. The proceed will then be applied to buy fundamentally sound stocks that may improve the portfolio structure and value.

Buying In

We promote the benefit of investing in stocks and arrange convenient ways for clients to invest and achieve exceptional result by trading – buying shares when prices are low and disposing them at higher prices bearing in mind the exit strategies and mix portfolio.